1930 Reo Flying Cloud


I purchased this classic from the man who has owned it for over 38 years and who has restored it to a very high standard.  He is a Vermonter who meticulously spent months on it’s perfect restoration and who cared for the car during his long ownership.  The only reason he sold it to me is because he was in the beginning of restoration of a 1925 Chrysler two door and needed the space, time and money to work on it.

The car is 100% and runs beautifully.  It has attended many annual Reo car meets and is well known among it’s members.  Being a six cylinder, it runs very smoothly, is powerful and moves the car along at highway speeds.  (This from a Model A Ford owner who was surprised by the difference.)  Actually, I love both cars for different reasons; Fords are simpler, Reo’s bigger, heavier and more fancy. 

Come drive the car; you will not be disappointed.