1989 Mercedes- Benz 560 SL


By all rights, the R107 SL's ( for Sport Light ) should be appreciating even more than they have, but the lengthy production cycle from 1973 through 1989 insured plenty were built, and the quality of the build insured most survived. Collectors are zeroing in on the final muscle car series with the 5.6 Litre V8's, produced for North America as The 560SL, specifically targeting the 1987, 1988 and 1989 production. Of this group, mileage and originality are playing a huge role in price appreciation.Color is obviously subjective, but it stands to reason that after condition, the rarity of a color combination also plays a role. This particular 560SL was ordered with classic red metallic paint paired with a beige leather interior, both of which are in superb condition. We also have the original owners' manuals, service records. Some additional equipment includes Air Conditioning, AM/FM Cassette Stereo, 2 Tops Hard & Soft, Cruise Control and a leather wrapped steering wheel.