1991 Bentley Eight


My grandson and I found this beautiful 1991 Bentley Eight in southwest England where it formed part of a private collection of fine classical motor cars.   It has an interior that is immaculate, and comes with an Owner's Manual and service book containing 11 service stamps up to to 2001 at 83,112 miles.  MOT (UK inspection) history on line shows the mileage at 85,606 up to 2017 at 97,918 miles. If one ever wanted to own a Bentley at a very reasonable price, this one is for you.  It has been lovingly cared for and will give many years of driving pleasure.  

This extraordinary motor car came from a private collection in the United Kingdom where it had been carefully cared for. Brand new tires were acquired just before I purchased it.  This beautifully crafted car has more power than I have ever experienced in a classic car just 25 years old.  It is heavy, comfortable, massive and with a powerful motor that kicks it up into high gear in a mini- moment.  It is a thrill to sit in the driver's seat and accelerate with power that is unexpected.  

In order to bring it  up to top condition the following work has just been completed:  replaced front rotors, pads, calipers, repacked wheel bearings, replaced front and back hydraulic accumulators for front and rear suspension, replaced all air, oil and fuel filters, new spark plugs, rotor, distributor cap, oil change, tune up all around....it is now like a brand new car and drives the same as one.

Because the car is only 25 years old, I was able to bring it into the US which makes it an "antique" auto.  When you go to register it, it qualifies for antique plates which in NH only cost $.50/month.  This is originally a very expensive  modern car that you can drive for a very small registration fee and have a ball pretending your are an aristocrat!  But may be you are any way and that would be fantastic!

Come give the car a drive and thorough examination...you will not be disappointed!